Eutychus Enterprises
"His life is in him!" -- St. Paul of young Eutychus, after his perilous fall ​ (Story in Acts chapter 20)

     Our work is going forward in four areas:

            Dynamic Healing,
                Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,
                      Open Window Attachment Outreach, and
                                      -- an emerging area -- Spiritual Direction.

About Our Work...
Dynamic Healing

Tracy coined this term for use in our work to illustrate the reason certain "alternative" healing approaches are effective:  They focus on "process," rather than "outcome" alone, and they embrace a pre-modern understanding of wisdom and the intelligent
design of the human system.  We watch for signs of the "hidden values" that Einstein insisted must explain the otherwise mysterious operation of the quantum universe.  In our research, it is becoming increasingly clear that many elements work intricately together to invite us out of our brokenness and into a more whole experience of our life on Earth.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

BCST is one practice that operates in harmony with principles of Dynamic Healing.  The focus of this therapy is on inviting the system to restore freedom of movement to the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the body in areas where it is has been subject to restriction as a result of held trauma.  The effect of this work over time is a calming of the nervous system, which benefits the client as elements of his/her
system experience release and regain equilibrium.

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Open Window Attachment Outreach

This is the area of our work which connects us with those whose fundamental patterns for relating to others ("attachment templates") have been profoundly affected by trauma of many kinds.  Through Open Window, we work with typically functioning individuals who want to gain insight into their relationships, those who are struggling with destructive behavior as a result of attachment impacts, and those who are deeply caught in patterns of violence.

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Spiritual Direction

Tracy has worked with folks of different backgrounds, using a variety of therapeutic approaches (and coming from a Trinitarian Christian perspective herself), for many years. Recently, she became aware of an opportunity to expand her personal experience of discernment, as well as to receive intensive instruction and ongoing guidance in partnering with others on their journeys.  In 2016, she plans to begin a two-year process of certification in Spiritual Direction -- she would appreciate your prayers for wisdom along the way!

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