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     What is BCST?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a "light touch" approach to body work in which the client remains largely clothed.  The practitioner invites the re-emergence of the client's inherent health through interaction with the tissues of the body, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that sustains their subtle movements, and the potency that enlivens the entire system.

Because the body's tissues, fluids and energy are all parts of one system, this therapy operates at all three levels.  Because all parts of the system are physically connected, the practitioner makes contact with different parts of the client's body (not just along the spine).

Clients will be asked to remove shoes & eyeglasses, as well as loosen any tight clothing (belt / waistband / neck) or remove any jewelry that might interfere with the work.  Otherwise, street clothing is appropriate for this work.

Because it is a Dynamic Healing approach and not a mainstream medical practice, BCST makes no claims to diagnose, treat, or cure specific disease.  

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That said, clients of all ages have benefited from BCST in many ways.  Some have found relief from pain; others have improved their coping with chronic conditions.  Still others have benefited from an increased overall sense of well-being and a greater ability to relax and self-regulate in challenging circumstances.
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  Where does it come from?

The word "Craniosacral" refers to the spinal column:  "cranio" = head  &  "sacral" = tailbone.
All Craniosacral Therapy originated in the study of the spinal column and the Central Nervous System that is associated with it.

The "traditional" model of craniosacral therapy -- if it can be called "traditional"! -- is the Upledger method.  John Upledger began teaching what he had learned up to that point from Dr. William Sutherland, who had pioneered craniosacral therapy.  The work at that time was focused on the natural rhythmic movement of the bones in the cranial system.  This was a huge development at the time (the mid-20th century), since until then it had been thought that cranial bones were fused in adults.

Dr. Sutherland's work continued, however, and he began to recognize that the movement in the bones was caused by fluctuation in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  This second level -- the fluid level -- at which Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy operates gives it deeper access to the body's innate healing ability than the Upledger approach.

Sutherland went deeper still, however.  As his awareness of the human system and its healing process grew, he came into contact with the reality underlying the core of healing itself.  This is the origin of the term "Biodynamic":  "bio" = life  &  "dynamic" = movement.  Now referred to in the literature as "the Breath of Life," in Sutherland's day this life force responsible for ultimate healing power was culturally broadly understood to be the breath that God breathed into Adam in the Biblical creation story -- Sutherland footnoted Genesis in his original writing.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy holds the promise for clients of re-accessing the foundational intelligent design of -- and original purpose for -- the living human system.  To work in the presence of this healing power is a privilege for practitioners as well as a gift to clients!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST).

We offer regular client sessions in our locations in both Ohio and Colorado.  We are also able to hold an initial consultation and/or periodic sessions with you as we travel through other locations.  We may also be able to refer you to a practitioner closer to you with whom you can schedule sessions more often.

Going forward, we plan to coordinate training opportunities, so that folks in the Midwest and across the Great Plains will have greater access to this healing modality.

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