Eutychus Enterprises
"His life is in him!" -- St. Paul of young Eutychus, after his perilous fall ​ (Story in Acts chapter 20)
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812 Coshocton Ave., #306
Mt. Vernon, OH  43050

4419 Centennial Blvd., #378
Colorado Springs, CO  80907

(These are Pak-Mails that will
hold mail while I travel,
so you can send it any time,
though I might not get it right away!)
I travel between two "home bases,"
so I have to make arrangements
ahead of time
(usually way ahead of time!)
to meet in person.

To maintain privacy for my family
& confidentiality for our clients,
I ask that folks refrain from
seeking out our locations
without prior arrangements.

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(740) 398-2625

(This is an Ohio number,
but it's my go-to for
the whole country....)
[email protected]

(I try to check this at least
every 24 hours,
though travel interrupts it at times!)