Eutychus Enterprises
"His life is in him!" -- St. Paul of young Eutychus, after his perilous fall ​ (Story in Acts chapter 20)


What is it?

LifeCare is designed to be not one sprawling practice, but rather a collaborative effort among a group of smaller existing practices and individual practitioners.

Collaborators are forming this community around a shared perspective and shared support, and, to varying degrees, shared clients, activities and space, as their work unfolds.

Where is it?

Eutychus Enterprises is spearheading this networking effort in the middle third of the country.  (Our friends beyond the Rockies & Appalachians are welcome to join us, too!)

In our own practice, we hold retreats, workshops, and trainings in Ohio, Colorado, and points in between.  Our intention is to develop "Dynamic Healing aware" communities of practitioners from a variety of disciplines.

These communities are encouraged to develop "in person" in different population centers along several of our regular travel routes.  Folks in neighboring areas can make a commute as needed to access the services of collaborators in person.

LifeCare practitioners can also provide access to some services by making referrals and finding other creative ways -- including technology -- to cross the longer distances between our widespread communities!

Why do we
   need it?

21st century American society tends to be very accepting of "Static Healing" approaches -- not a bad situation, since these often deliver very decisive positive outcomes.

Unfortunately, we are not as open to healing modalities that make use of dynamic principles.  These are also extremely powerful, and we often miss out on their potential because of our intellectual bias toward mainstream medicine.

In the coastal United States (and in major metropolitan areas in between) lots of people move through very frequently, -- and often very quickly -- and the flow of new ideas tends to be more rapid and their acceptance broader (for both good and ill...).

LifeCare is encouraging more broad-based thinking about all aspects of health in the middle part of the country -- smaller cities and towns, where things change more slowly.

However, we insist on doing so without burying the treasures of this region's predominant subculture: the slower pace that allows for personal presence, the integrity that invites high-quality relationships, the uninhabited spaces that promise room for observing stillness in creation -- and that make our still center within more readily accessible.  (Incidentally, these cultural qualities promote dynamic healing naturally!)

     How can I
provide services?

Eutychus Enterprises is talking with prospective collaborators and working with a core group of folks to outline collaborator criteria.

We are starting with the following:

~  LifeCare collaborators recognize the       value of both Static and Dynamic healing approaches, and our best practices require that we encourage our clients to investigate the full range of possible options available for their own life care.

~ LifeCare collaborators recognize the
importance of the different aspects of each person's being.  We believe the best healing outcomes will occur as clients move toward greater integration of the physical, cognitive,   emotional & spiritual aspects of themselves.

~ LifeCare collaborators are practitioners of many different healing modalities; each of us will provide services in keeping with our training and experience.  We will make referrals as necessary, in our clients' best interest.

If you live in the middle of the country, and these criteria are in harmony with your practice -- of either mainstream or alternative healing, in any of the four arenas listed above -- please consider joining us!

Just click on the Contact Us page and let us know of your interest, and we'll begin getting to know one another.  Thank you for your dedication to being present with others in their pain and alleviating their suffering....

How can I receive services?

While this network is "under construction," connecting to it will be a bit...improvisational!

That said, Eutychus Enterprises is committed to helping struggling folks in the Heartland connect with the best resources available to them -- as soon as possible.

Click on the Contact Us page and let us know what you need, and we will get you hooked into this system as it is unfolding!

Each person that becomes part of this network --whether as a practitioner, a client, or both -- adds to the healing DYNAMIC....