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"His life is in him!" -- St. Paul of young Eutychus, after his perilous fall ​ (Story in Acts chapter 20)


"Attachment is a learned style of being emotionally intimate."
-- Deborah Gray,
Attaching in Adoption

In a very real sense, the surging water in an ocean does not move; rather, energy moves through it.  In this same sense, the energy of violence moves through our culture."

-- Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear

Open Window is an integral healing* practice devoted to the exploration and restructuring of fundamental attachment patterns and directed toward reducing anti-social violence.

We help people change how they relate to each other so that they are free to choose deference, rather than violence.

Profound trauma impacts our patterns of relating at a deep level.  The ripples from these impacts move through our behavior and often emerge into our culture as harmful violence.

Resolving trauma is a central element of restructuring our patterns of relating to ourselves, to each other, to God, and to the world at large.  As we form new patterns and practice living from them, our behavior and relationships can change.
"Open Window" refers, in part, to the fact that we believe someone's "attachment window" remains open as long as a care provider is relating to him or her in new and healthy ways.

In the Biblical story in Acts 20,
the young man Eutychus falls from a high
open window to the ground below,
apparently dead, until the apostle Paul
proclaims that "His life is in him!"
and Eutychus is revived.

This is at the heart of our intention at Open Window and in all the work of Eutychus Enterprises -- no matter how long-term our distress, how deep our despair, how profound our trauma, how disturbed our behavior -- we need someone to proclaim that our life is, indeed, still in us, until our last breath!
*What do you mean by "integral healing"?

Our approach to healing addresses the whole
person -- body, mind, heart, and spirit.
I thought attachment (and bonding) was just for babies and their parents / caregivers - ?

Conventional wisdom has been that the "attachment window" closes -- different "experts" suggest different stages of human development after which change is unlikely or impossible.  These theories are critiqued by those who see daily the effects of both damage (from trauma) and growth (from healing) in the area of attachment for people of every age whose patterns of relating have been fragile or unhealthy.