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"His life is in him!" -- St. Paul of young Eutychus, after his perilous fall ​ (Story in Acts chapter 20)

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Speaking Life...

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Miss American Pie

Pie photos indicate
blog entries on this work
in "middle America"...
Speaking life  to folks in the "flyover states" --
-- in person, in print, by phone & online...
Our work has grown out of our own experiences of
healing, training, traveling, living and working in the middle of the country over several decades of dramatic change and personal challenge.

We have found that the "middle third" is underserved when it comes to many healing approaches, so we are reaching out to our fellow Heartlanders
with an invitation to learn about and try out some options that are sometimes rare in our "neck of the woods."

Come check out some alternatives to the mainstream view of "healing,"
and join us on a broader and more effective healing journey today!
What's new with us?
  1. VHseXMasLtsNtEndOfPorch - NY2016 - L
    22 Sep, 2014
    The New Cycle Revealed
    On this day, a new friend led me to an amazing experience -- one that was to prove the "missing piece" in the adult attachment work I had been developing....
  2. VHseDownStreet - ScannedDisk2 - L
    11 Jan, 2011
    Re-Connecting & Inspiration
    The first "real world" thing God asked me to do as I began to get better was to adopt a teenager. It's not like He could have started with something small....
  3. VHsePorchWSitting - ScannedDisk1 - L
    12 May, 2007
    Re-Emergence & Sensitivity
    Two years after the onset of chronic migraine, I enjoyed my first "real" social event -- my first trip back to Venture House for a birthday gathering....
  4. VHseXMasLtsSwingDay - NY2016 - L
    31 Jan, 2006
    "Grave Time" & Recovery
    This illness was my first concrete -- and profound -- experience of having to "lose my life to find it." It has changed everything....
  5. VHseDownStreet - ScannedDisk2 - L
    04 Jul, 2005
    The House's Rehab & My Descent...
    By mid-summer, the toxins involved in the rehab project had taken their toll, and I was on a long slide into chronic pain....
  6. VHseFrontFromYard - ScannedDisk2 - L
    07 Apr, 2005
    The Camp Dream
    Venture House was the 27-year culmination of a thought I had at age 10: "Someone gets to live at camp all the time -- why not me?"
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